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Libor Rate

Libor Rate-Rigging Scandal Sets Off Legal Fights for Restitution – Rate Scandal Stirs Scramble for Damages Most consumer mortgages in the sub-prime market were linked to the Libor at adjustment but due to this conduct remain at a lower rate.  So the investor in sub-prime mortgages lost while the borrower benefited. Presumably the tax payers that…

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How Ordering Your Credit Report Can Help You in Bankruptcy

How Ordering Your Credit Report Can Help You in Bankruptcy Our firm recommends that each of our clients filing for bankruptcy obtain a credit report for the reasons listed below. If you are married, we recommend obtaining credit reports for both you and your spouse. Not every creditor reports debts to a credit bureau, so…

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Just Prepare or Fully Prepare- McCoy says do focus groups?

These are some clips from a few focus groups. As a lawyer representing a victim you need to know how a jury arrives at the compensation figure, or why the jury decides who is at fault (liability). Everything I learned about the law and lawyering I learned from lawyers. But everything I have learned about…

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Redirecting the Debate on Brain Injuries

The CatalystRedirecting the Debate on Brain InjuriesBy ALAN SCHWARZPublished: December 27, 2009Representative Linda T. Sánchez, a Democrat of California, redirected the debate surrounding brain injuries in football.

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Google Local Business Center

“McCoy Law Firm 800-837-5901Bankruptcy $999 Legal Fee.We’re A Debt Relief Law Firm.Overwhelmed by credit card debts & payments?Stop Harassing Calls & Protect Assets?Get a fresh start file Chapter 7.Call our Attorneys at 800-837-5901.The legal fee does not include costs.Must meet median income test.Indiv Consumer Debts Only.”

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