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Libor Rate

Libor Rate-Rigging Scandal Sets Off Legal Fights for Restitution – Rate Scandal Stirs Scramble for Damages Most consumer mortgages in the sub-prime market were linked to the Libor at adjustment but due to this conduct remain at a lower rate.  So the investor in sub-prime mortgages lost while the borrower benefited. Presumably the tax payers that…

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Just Prepare or Fully Prepare- McCoy says do focus groups?

These are some clips from a few focus groups. As a lawyer representing a victim you need to know how a jury arrives at the compensation figure, or why the jury decides who is at fault (liability). Everything I learned about the law and lawyering I learned from lawyers. But everything I have learned about…

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Google Local Business Center

“McCoy Law Firm 800-837-5901Bankruptcy $999 Legal Fee.We’re A Debt Relief Law Firm.Overwhelmed by credit card debts & payments?Stop Harassing Calls & Protect Assets?Get a fresh start file Chapter 7.Call our Attorneys at 800-837-5901.The legal fee does not include costs.Must meet median income test.Indiv Consumer Debts Only.”

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