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Just Prepare or Fully Prepare- McCoy says do focus groups?

These are some clips from a few focus groups. As a lawyer representing a victim you need to know how a jury arrives at the compensation figure, or why the jury decides who is at fault (liability). Everything I learned about the law and lawyering I learned from lawyers. But everything I have learned about…

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Verdict for Connecticut State Trooper Underinsured Motorist

Jury Gives Trooper $527K For Neck InjuriesOfficer needed spinal surgery, internal hardware after crash By THOMAS B. SCHEFFEY March 9, 2009 Darren Perillo v. Eric Jacobs, State of Connecticut Dept. of Public Safety: A Connecticut state trooper was awarded more than $527,000 after an accident that left him with a badly injured neck. Trooper Darren…

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