Good afternoon

First let me thank the citizens of Vernon for allowing me to serve as their Mayor for the last four years

I have invited you here today to announce that
I have decided to spend more time with my family,
To focus on my career as a lawyer

To explore a run for the United States Senate.

It is now time that I move onto the next level. I have done all I can do here. I cannot do more than these three things and manage Vernon, so I will be focusing on my career, my family, the convention then the 2012 election.

In Vernon Over the last 4 years, we have lowered taxes, we have reduced the cost of government, we have reduced spending in real dollars, and we have changed the economic environment to promote job opportunity and economic growth while expanding the tax base.

Part of this success has been due to the election of fiscal conservatives to the Vernon Town Council and Vernon Board of Education.

Going forward, this Country needs clear direction:
• To fix the economy
• Create job opportunities
• Lower unemployment
• Control spending
– Reduce debt and borrowing
• End over regulation of every aspect of American life that crushes American creativity which is one of the symptoms of the failing economy

And maybe someone who can say no

Finally, it is vitally import that we elect those who support our military and national intelligence to protect American vested interests at home and abroad.

I want to thank the citizens of Vernon for allowing me to serve a their Mayor

I will be making a more formal announcement in the weeks to come. But right now we are focusing on our Convention on Tuesday.

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