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Advice For CT Residents On Variety of Business Challenges

Business – Legal Services

The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy, LLC advises and assists you on a broad variety of matters related to your business challenges. We team with attorneys in other organizational departments and concentrates in the following areas:

  • Financing Business Formation
  • Purchase / Sale of Business
  • Commercial Leasing
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Dissolution
  • Taxation

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The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy, LLC


Financing becomes necessary during many different stages of a business’s existence. You may need it to create a business, acquire an existing business, purchase equipment, inventory, computers, or other assets including real estate.

We counsel you in structuring and closing any business loan transactions. This includes negotiation of the terms and conditions of the loan, advising on the appropriateness of collateral to be given to secure the loan, including business and personal guarantees, reviewing title to the real and/or personal property given as collateral, and writing the title policy, as is often required by the lender.

Business Formation for Start-Ups

Are you a start-up not sure how to legally protect your business? The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy counsel you in the formation of various business entities, i.e., sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations (profit and non-profit), limited liability companies and partnerships, professional corporations and limited partnerships.

Our advice includes evaluation of liability issues, obtaining favorable tax treatment, capitalization and obtaining business financing, practical management matters, and employment matters.

We also help you to file the legal documents that are necessary with the Secretary of the State for the state(s) in which your business will be transacted, and the preparation of agreements regarding the ownership and operation of the business.

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We support you with more than just the formation or purchase of a business trademark, trade dress and service mark registration. We also advise in the daily operational issues and potential threats that affect every business when using trademarks.

Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy counsel clients in registration of trademarks and service marks under the federal law.

Purchase and Sale of a Business

The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy assists in acquiring businesses. In this circumstance, we assist in structuring deals, how the purchase will be financed, how the purchase price will be allocated, whether is stock being purchased, or if assets are being acquired, what due diligence and representations/warranties are necessary, etc.

We also advise in the negotiation of the purchase contact and financing documents. If real estate is involved, we search and evaluate title to the property and zoning compliance.

When you are ready to sell your business, we will provide similar assistance in the structuring of the sale and the preparation and negotiation of all related documents. When representing either party in the selling transaction, we will prepare the documents required to effectuate the conveyance and assure the proper filing and recording of those documents.

Commercial Leasing

For a variety of reasons, many business owners elect to lease space in which to operate their business instead of purchasing a building. In addition, many people invest in commercial real estate and buildings and lease space to others. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating commercial leases for both landlords and tenants. If questions or issues arise after a lease has been signed, we can help analyze the facts and render an opinion, as well as negotiate a resolution.

Work-Out/Debt Restructuring

Sometimes, despite the best efforts of a business owner, a business may run into cash flow or other financial problems. In those situations, our firm works closely with the owner and his or her accountant, or a financial consultant to assess the problem and solutions that are available.

We assist in the design of work-out plans and exit strategies. We negotiate with lenders, trade vendors, and other creditors to obtain short term and long term cash flow relief to help the business get back on track. We also counsel on how to protect personal interests during this difficult period.

Commercial Litigation

Complex commercial litigation often requires broad knowledge of the workings and inter-workings of the American judicial system. Our lawyers are always aware of the parallel ramifications of work they take on–whether the dispute involves corporate fraud and abuse, a business dissolution, contractual dispute, or trademark issues. To find out more about our firm, attorneys or the other types of cases we handle, please refer to our specific areas of practice or call us today at: (860) 872-7741.

Debt Collection and Creditors Rights

The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy LLC will handle your company’s litigation and business needs when customers, borrowers and competitors default.

We concentrate in the following services: debtor’s default through judgment–including but not limited to, demand, prejudgment attachment, garnishment and/or repossession, post-judgment execution and examinations of judgment debtors.

If and when court intervention is required, our attorneys have substantial experience in foreclosures of mortgages and the enforcement of security interests in real and personal property. We have experience in representing creditors in Chapter 7, 11, 12 and 13 bankruptcies and have successfully litigated objections to debtor reorganization plans, adversary proceedings, cash collateral hearings, and contested motions for relief from the automatic stay of collection.

The business clients of The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy use our services to collect debts and other obligations, both secured and unsecured. Our litigation attorneys and staff are well versed in collection laws and practices.


Under a variety of circumstances a business owner may decide to dissolve his or her business. Depending upon the type of the business entity, dissolution may require that certain filings be made with appropriate state and federal agencies (the Secretary of the State, the IRS, the Department of Revenue Services and the Department of Labor, to name a few) and that certain formalities be followed. We prepare and coordinate filings, publish required notice to creditors, and assist with the winding-up process.

Business Taxation

The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy works as a team to design practical solutions for our business clients. We apply complex tax rules and regulations regarding the formation, operation, and/or termination of a business. Our tax attorneys assist in assessing the size, ownership, and financial activities of an existing or prospective business. Our team is closely involved in structuring the purchase or sale of a business, along with any related buy-sell, non-compete and employment agreements. We assess the tax position and recommend strategies to minimize state and federal taxes.

In addition, we are available to provide assistance with a variety of business decisions including capitalization of the business, pension plans, and benefit plans.

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