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Connecticut Litigation Attorney Business

Connecticut Litigation Attorney –

Our Litigation Department represents a wide range of businesses and individuals in all matters of dispute resolution. Our litigation practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Business Litigation
  • Estate/Probate Litigation
  • Foreclosure and other Real Estate Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Debt Collection, Bankruptcy and Creditors Rights
The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy, LLC

Business Litigation Attorney CT

The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy has a team of litigation attorneys those counsels’ corporations, shareholders, directors, officers, partners and partnerships in litigation. We fully understand the ramifications of any claim affecting your business. Resolving business disputes that include state and federal court litigation, alternative dispute resolution including binding, high/low arbitration, and mediation, is our area of specialty.

We also handle business dissolution, liquidations, contract disputes, receiverships, Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices, and shareholder disputes. By partnering with other firm attorneys that concentrates in business, real estate, tax and accounting, we contain lawyer fees and provide the complete solution for your success.

Foreclosure and other Real Estate/Probate Litigation

In fear of foreclosure? The Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy is dedicated to the litigation of real estate related matters that include foreclosures of mortgages, judgment liens and mechanics liens, boundary and easement rights, partition and quiet title actions, real estate tax appeals, and condemnation.

The Litigation Department’s experience in litigating real estate issues is frequently enhanced by input from our real estate and business attorneys and on-staff title searcher. We have represented lenders, borrowers, contractors, brokers and landowners in successfully enforcing their rights.

Commercial Litigation

Complex commercial litigation often requires broad knowledge of the workings and inter-workings of the American judicial system. Our lawyers are always aware of the parallel ramifications of work they take on whether the dispute involves corporate fraud and abuse, a business dissolution, contractual dispute, or trademark issues.

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