Advanced Trial Tactics – Presented by Jason L. McCoy in Hartford

Jason L. McCoy, Vernon Connecticut Advanced Trial Tactics - Hartford, Connecticut — April 25, 2017
Advanced Trial Tactics – Hartford, Connecticut — April 25, 2017   Attorney Jason L. McCoy

9:00 – 10:15, Written by Jason L. McCoy.Presented by Jason L. McCoy in Hartford

A. Preparing for Jury Selection –
Researching Your “Target Audience”
(Venue, Juror Pool Demographics,
Creating Your “Ideal Juror,”
Drafting Surveys/Questionnaires, etc.)

B. Preparing the Pre-Trial Order

C. Introducing Your Case During Jury Selection

D. Bringing to the Surface and
Overcoming Juror and Judicial Biases

E. Reading the Vital Non-Verbal Signals
Jurors are Sending

F. Peremptory and For-Cause Challenge Tactics

10:30 – 11:30, Written by Jason L. McCoy.Presented by Jason L. McCoy in Hartford

A. Maximizing the Impact of Opening
Statements (Introducing Case Theme
and Key Case Parties; Laying out the Sequence
of Events; Introducing Supporting and
Damaging Evidence; Preparing Judge and
Jury to Focus on Specific Elements of
Trial Presentation; Opening Techniques
That Simply Don’t Work, Cutting Out
Unnecessary Clutter)

B. Preparation Tips for Direct Examination
(Establishing the Main Theme; Organizing
the Order of Testimony; Preparing Witnesses;
Formulating Effective Questions)

C. Areas of Direct Examination
(Specific Approaches to Impeachment,
Fact Testimony, Expert Testimony, Causation,
Liability, Damages, Foundation, etc.)

D. Persuasive Witness Testimony – How to:
1. Develop the Story
and Make it Interesting
2. Integrate a Theme
3. Adjust to the Specific Audience
4. Limit the Scope
5. Handle and Introduce Exhibits
6. Authenticate Documents
7. Humanize Your Witness
8. Anticipate and Neutralize

E. Is Interim Commentary Allowed?
How to Use it Well

11:30 – 12:45, Written by Jason L. McCoy.Presented by Jason L. McCoy in Hartford

A. What to Include

B. Length and Style Tactics

C. Use of Pace and Voice Inflection
to Emphasize Key Elements

D. Addressing the Weak Points of the Case

E. The Verdict Sheet/Jury Instructions –
Clearly Asking for What You Want

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JASON L. McCOY is the principal of The McCoy Law Firm, with offices in
Vernon, Hartford, Waterbury, and New Haven. Mr. McCoy is a civil trial lawyer
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inadequate security cases, drug litigation, tractor trailer wrecks, wrongful death
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of the Tolland, Connecticut and American bar associations; and the
Million Dollar Verdict Forum. Mr. McCoy has presented nationally to members
of the American Association for Justice in its Litigation at Sunrise program
on inadequate security case involving gun shot victims. He has also presented
to the Connecticut Trial Lawyer Association on several occasions on such
topics as focus groups, story telling and closing arguments, legal emergencies,
and handling cases in federal court.