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McCoy Wins 10 Times More for Client Than Insurance Offered

McCoy Get’s $170,000 Verdict In Vernon Rockville Jury Sides With Driver, Rejects Safeco’s Arguments About Prior Injuries  Rockville Connecticut Court for Client, After $17k Offer by Insurance Carrier A six-person Rockville Superior Court jury has awarded $170,172 to a Manchester woman who re-aggravated her back after a driver T-boned her Lexus in September 2015.  The jury…

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LA Rams Want Connecticut Ticket Suit Sent To Missouri

 LA Rams Want Conn. Ticket Suit Sent To Mo. “Law360, New York (September 23, 2016, 4:07 PM EDT) — The Los Angeles Rams asked a Connecticut federal judge to send a suit brought by real estate lender RCN Capital LLC to Missouri federal court on Wednesday, where it can be handled alongside a similar, pending…

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Real Estate Co. Hits NFL’s Rams With Ticket Sales Suit

 Real Estate Co. Hits NFL’s Rams With Ticket Sales Suit “Law360, New York (September 1, 2016, 3:54 PM EDT) — RCN Capital LLC, a private real estate lender, has filed suit accusing the Los Angeles Rams of failing to honor the seat license the company paid for, selling the tickets it reserved and now charging…

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School Bus Crash Injury Claims – Connecticut

  A few Things to Know about School Bus Accident Claims Did you know that there is a higher standard of care for school bus companies? Often people just do not know their rights and have no idea about what is to come. I want people to understand the situation. I am writing this because yesterday…

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Pedestrian Nets $112,500 After Intersection Accident

Pedestrian Nets $112,500 After Intersection Accident – Jury Verdict– Attorney Jason McCoy CHRISTIAN NOLAN The Connecticut Law Tribune   05-10-2013 “James Bonomo v. State of Connecticut: A man who was hit by a car while walking across a New Britain intersection in early evening darkness was recently awarded $150,000 by a jury, though the verdict…

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Libor Rate

Libor Rate-Rigging Scandal Sets Off Legal Fights for Restitution – Rate Scandal Stirs Scramble for Damages Most consumer mortgages in the sub-prime market were linked to the Libor at adjustment but due to this conduct remain at a lower rate.  So the investor in sub-prime mortgages lost while the borrower benefited. Presumably the tax payers that…

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Low Impact Rear End Collision Trial: “Ten Common Myths”

The Trial of the Rear End Collision: “Ten Common Myths” – Law Firm Bay Area Lawyers Network Attorneys San Francisco, California: “The Trial of the Rear End Collision: “Ten Common Myths”” By Albert G. Stoll, Jr. The low property damage rear end collision may result in an injury your client will suffer the effects from…

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