What Are Common Types of Injuries Children Suffer in Car Accidents?

Our Vernon County Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy, LLC Can Help if Your Child Suffered an Injury

Children are highly vulnerable to serious car accident injuries. Both their bodies and brains are not yet fully developed, meaning they can be more seriously hurt in a crash. As a parent, you must fight for every dollar you can get for your child. They may need this compensation to cover the long-term cost of their injury. An experienced car accident attorney can estimate the value of your child’s case and fight for them to receive the maximum possible settlement check for their injuries.

Here are some common car accident injuries children can suffer.

Airbag Injuries

Although children generally should not sit in the car’s front seat, they are allowed to once they reach a certain age and size. When they are sitting in the front seat, the airbag can violently deploy, causing them serious injuries. Further, rear curtain airbags in the backseat can deploy in a serious crash. Although these airbags are not as strong as those in the front seat, they can still cause injury. Airbag injuries can cause broken bones and internal bleeding.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The emotional aspect of a car crash could permanently impact children. They may have never lived through something so traumatic before in their life. They could continuously revisit the moment of impact and the aftermath of the accident. The child may have seen certain things right after the accident that could cause them nightmares and psychological disturbances for some time to come. A child may also be afraid to ride in a car after the accident. While you generally need some type of physical injury to also be allowed to recover from emotional distress, the damages can still be considerable.

Car Seat Injuries

Children below a certain agent size are required to sit in car seats. The size of the car seat depends on the child’s age and weight. Even if the car seat is perfectly installed by a professional or the parent, the child may still be injured by the car seat itself.  The car seat may not perform as expected during the crash because it is defectively designed. A child can be injured because the car seat fails to remain in place, or the car seat itself can cause them an injury. In that case, the parents must sue the car seat manufacturer in a product liability lawsuit.

Brain and Head Injuries

Brain and head injuries are extremely dangerous for a child of any age. Their brain may not be fully formed, and they could be more susceptible to sustaining a serious and permanent injury. An airbag could injure a child or when there is trauma to their head during an accident. The child could suffer a concussion or a fracture. In serious cases, the child may suffer brain damage from the violent movement of their brain inside their head for the accident. Brain injuries could require lifelong care and intervention for a child.

Our Vernon County Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Offices of Jason L. McCoy, LLC Can Help if Your Child Suffered an Injury

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